Vegan cupcakes- an update

An actual properly made vegan cupcake, courtesy of the Vegan Cakery.

An actual properly made vegan cupcake, courtesy of the Vegan Cakery.

I feel that vegan cupcakes may have got a bit of bad press from my previous post about them, but let’s be honest they weren’t great at a first attempt. However, this week a very lovely person sent me some of the real thing,  provided by the Vegan Cakery ( – check them out they are really rather good) and I’m pleased to say they were very tasty. The office approved too and they are cake experts after all.

They very good and moist- there’s still something about them that’s different to your standard cupcake but not in a bad way. These were much lighter than mine (see here, the main issue with them was that they were too dense), but didn’t have the same springyness you would expect a cake to, they were more crumbly. This isn’t a criticism, they’re just different. Not massively different (I doubt most people would even notice to be honest) and definitely a very good alternative. So I’ve been convinced to try and make my own again, I just might take them to the office next time as I’m not sure my other half’s lovely carnivore family will be so ready to try a second batch…

To be continued…

Nice, moist, and cake like. What's not to like.

Nice, moist, and cake like. What’s not to like.

A happy delivery of chai flavoured goodness.

A happy delivery of chai flavoured goodness.

They didn’t last long in cake office.


Banana and Lime Cake

Doesn’t sound like it should work but it really really does…




300g self raising flour
175g brown sugar (caster is also ok, cake will just be slightly lighter/sweeter/ less rich and fruit cake like)
1 large lime (zest & juice)
100g cream cheese (full or low fat work 🙂 )
50g softened butter
1 ripe banana
120g sultanas/ mixed fruit
1 large egg (beaten)


120g icing sugar (icing is to taste, use more the sweeter you want it!)
1-2 tsp lime juice (you should be able to get this out of the lime used for the cake)
Lime zest (also from the same lime)

1. Grease and line an 18cm cake tin. (Double ingredients for a 22cm tin, will make a slightly taller cake but this is the easiest way so you don’t get odd bits of egg/ lime left over). Preheat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade.

2. Sieve the flour into a large mixing bowl. Stir in the sugar and about 2/3 of the lime zest (aim for about 1tsp full, the more the better) putting the remaining lime zest to one side for use later in the icing-  save the best looking bits!

3. Mash the banana with 1 tbsp of the lime juice.

4. Thoroughly mix the cream cheese and butter,

4. Make a well in the centre of the flour. Add the egg, banana, cream cheese-butter mix and sultanas. Incorporate gradually and mix well. It will get really tough, make sure to keep turning over, crafty pockets of flour will keep hiding from you.

The mixture will get really thick and stick to the spoon as I'm attempting to demonstrate here.

The mixture will get really thick and stick to the spoon as I’m attempting to demonstrate here.

5. Bake for 40-45 minutes. A skewer/ flat knife will come out clean when it’s done. If making double sized it will need about an hour.

6. Allow to cool before icing. Make up the glacé icing using the remaining lime juice instead of water. You want it to be fairly thick so you can pipe/ drizzle it over the cake. As the photos show there’s no need to be neat.

7. Decorate with the remaining lime zest, will stick best if you add it straight after the icing while the icing is still wet.