If the people who fund the science we do don’t get to hear about and understand it then something is very wrong. So I try to talk about science as much as people will listen. And then some.

I’m excited to be giving this year’s Fairbrother Lecture at the University of Reading, you can read more about it here, come along if you’re local it’s free (but ticketed) and accessible to everyone, especially non-scientists.

Here’s a slightly dodgy film of my three minute rehearsal, unfortunately the real one didn’t get videoed.

I’ve been featured in media pieces including The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and Things We Don’t Know.

Here are some of my outreach recognitions (the ego massaging bit):

Invited speaker to Scottish Royal Meteorological Society (upcoming March 2016)
London FameLab finalist 2015
UK Three Minute Thesis semi-finalist 2014

Here is where you can see me doing my thing in the future:

Friday 18 March- Edinburgh- Scottish RMetS meeting: http://rmets-scotland.weebly.com/events.html

Wednesday 4 May, 19.00- Henley Business School, University of Reading- Fairbrother Lecture: Free tickets here.

And here are some other places I’ve been talking to people:

‘New Atlantis’- I played a future scientist in an immersive theatre piece looking at the future of water.
Reading Girls School- Science Cafe Talk
East Reading Festival
Department of Meteorology (as often as @DrPortas can track me down)
Various STEM Surrey Berkshire events including the awesome First Lego League
Exscitec BG Earth and Marine Science Summer School 2013
AGU Fall Meeting Water Sciences pop up talk


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