Larsen C Iceberg has finally gone!

After months of intense scrutiny and media attention the Larsen C iceberg (now known by the catchy name A68) finally broke away from the ice shelf.

To hear about just how big this berg is (how big even is Luxembourg eh, The Guardian?) I went on BBC Radio Berkshire to talk about this trillion ton ice cube, you can listen here.






Can you find London?

This is well worth a play- what would the world look like if all of the ice melted? Toggle cities on for it to really hit home.

It is unclear from this if they’ve included the thermal expansion that would take place in the oceans if the earth was warm enough for all the ice to melt- sea levels also rise as the ocean warms so if this isn’t included the sea level rise in some areas would be significantly larger than this.

If the Larsen C ice shelf (the one I look at) collapsed it wouldn’t contribute to sea level rise directly, but the glaciers feeding it are likely to speed up and this will, and by how much is unclear.